Accommodation and Service Providers

What does the Jungle.Travel Solution offer the Accommodation and Service Providers?

The biggest single benefit is that they have an Online presence that can be Booked!

Many Accommodation and Service Providers have a website, but that is not their business, their business is Guests, getting them and having them enjoy a fantastic experience and telling everyone else about it before coming back themselves!

Our business is the web. So we put up the best online offering of their Accommodation or Service we can, backed by the Inbound Tour Operator who can confirm bookings and ensure the guests get to their destination at the right time.

Having an Accommodation or Service listed on the destination specific website allows it to be Packaged with a Meet & Greet, a Transfer, some Accommodation and a range of paid or complimentary Activities. This Package offering offers the FIT a better experience as for the one destination your website is a one stop shop that specialises in this destination.

Another big benefit to the Accommodation and Service Providers is direct access to the network of Wholesalers and Travel Agents that subscribe to the Jungle.Travel news for the latest specials and deals to your destination. These Wholesalers and Travel Agents can now book direct via this website at anytime of the day or night for their Travellers.

In Summary, an Accommodation or Service Provider gets to present their best product, available for booking request 24hours a day to Fully Idenpendant Travellers, Wholesalers and Travel Agents across the world, all backed up by their local Inbound Tour Operator!

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