Fully Independant Traveller (FIT)

What does the Jungle.Travel Solution offer the Fully Independant Traveller?

We partner with Inbound Tour Operators who specialise in a Destination and can offer a complete end to end package and local follow-up service to the FIT.

This means the FIT can book with confidence that the people they are buying from know the product and the market and will be there for them if the need arises.

Each Jungle.Travel site specialises in one Destination only, giving a wider choice of Accommodation and Services for that Destination and not confusing it with other similar destinations. This can help the FIT make a more informed decision about the destination.

Then there is everything you already know about the internet that helps the FIT, it is online and open 24 hours, so when they are planning their Pacific Island Getaway from Europe the doors are open, they can see what Accommodation is avaiable, what specials and packages they can get any time of the day or night. Because the system can have real time availability, the FIT can Browse and Book and get instant gratification of their purchase by way on a confirmed booking.

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