Travel Wholesalers and Travel Agents

What does the Jungle.Travel Solution offer the Travel Wholesaler and Travel Agent?

The biggest single advantage the Wholesaler and Agent get from using the Jungle.Travel solution is the competitive advantage of offering immediate Booking Request and Booking Confirmation to their Travellers, 24hours a day.

So no matter what part of the World a Wholesaler is located in, they can logon to Jungle.Travel and find real time availability and pricing for their desired Destination and Package, even if it is outside of normal business hours at the destination.

Wholesalers and Agents can email a link to an Itinerary with the confidence that they will retain ownership of the customer and the one retail price that is displayed either direct to the customer or from the emailed link will always be the same.

Each Destination and Inbound Tour Operator has their own terms and conditions for Booking and Payment from Wholesalers and Agents. These models can include Travellers paying online and Wholesalers being paid a monthly commission or Wholesalers paying Inbound Operators direct.

Wholesalers and Travel Agents can register at any one of ourline Inbound Tour Operator websites;

Fiji Accommodation

Rarotonga Accommodation

Samoa Accommodation

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